Video 1


Supporting role: Swee

Character: Class Teacher

Video 4

Short Film: Unbalanced

Year of production: 2011

Production co: A Trick Of The Eye

Running Time: 0:34 min

Actress: Swee (Role of mum)

Video 7

Photoshoot: YESS BOSS CLOTHING lookbook

Year: April 2015

Photographer: Josh Escueta

MUA: George Guerrero


Video 9

Fashion Film/Video: Quynh Paris (Bts)

Year: Jan 2016

Photographer: Burris Image

Body Art: Michael Bui

MUA: Reyna Khalil

Model: Swee


Video 2

GUEST DJ: ELIXIR (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- May 2012)

Artist: DJ Miss Tokio

Video 3

MV: I Do What I Do by Dj Miss Tokio

Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 2:30 min

Artist : DJ Miss Tokio

Director: Freddy Hernandez

Direct of Photography: Jeffrey Hart

Colorist: Adrian Delude/ Company 3

Editor: John Caldwell

My One Minute Sound 

Introducing "MyOneMinuteSound". There are so much to tell, so much to express in a person's life. Some people like to express through photos, videos or music. This corner is where I will occasionally compact my creative journey and sum them up all in one minute which will be my sound, my memory......


Below is my very first "MyOneMinuteSound" since I begin new journey in LA (May 2014). Hope ouy enjoy.....

MAY 2014

MOMS 14-1

Video 5


Year aired: Jan' 2015

Artist: DJ Sweeshe

Video 6

TV: 24 Jam Di Sydney(Malaysia) w guest Swee(aka DJ Miss Tokio)

Year aired: 2014

Running Time: 0:30 min

Host : Alif Satar

Exec Producer: Chee Yeong Foo & Mike Hudson

Director: Mike Hudson

Production House: XYZ TV

Video 8

MV: Set Me Free presented by Budlight 

Artist: Diplo

Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 3:30 min

Role: Female Model DJ


Video 9

DJ NYE 2015 @ OPM(Huntington Beach)

Talent: DJ Sweeshe


Video 10

Sunday Funday @ Open Air Kitchen & Bar (WEHO) w DJ Sweeshe

Talent: DJ Sweeshe